The House

Stagshead Lakehouse was established in 2020. It is a 5 bedroom house located on a premiere lakefront location in the gated Arrowhead Lake community. Situated in the heart of the Pocono region, Stagshead is under 30 minutes from major attractions operating year round. With a sleeping capacity of 14, Stagshead offers space for the whole family. Take time to explore this site, Facebook, Instagram, or our YouTube channel to learn more about making your next getaway unforgettable.

View from Arrowhead Lake 

Stagshead Lakehouse: View from Arrowhead Lake

Welcome Wine at the Bar in the Library

Stagshead Lakehouse: A Wine Welcome at the Bar

Grilling at the Outdoor Kitchen featuring an X-Large Webber Grill and 72" x 30" stainless steel prep table.

Stagshead Lakehouse: Grilling at the Outdoor Kitchen

The Master Suite featuring ensuite full bath and one of Stagshead's 70" TVs.

Stagshead Lakehouse: Master Suite

Croquet on the Front Lawn

Stagshead Lakehouse: Crochet on the Front Lawn

Billiards in the Library with Seating for 10 plus guests at or behind the bar, counter, or sofa. Also including reading materials for guests of all ages and a selection of board games too!

Stagshead Lakehouse: Billards in the Library

Smoothie & a Treat made with fruit and bread from the Farmer's Market just a few miles away.

Stagshead Lakehouse: Smoothie & a Treat

Community Fireworks viewed from the Upper Deck

Stagshead Lakehouse: Fireworks from the Upper Deck

Lakeview from the Upper Deck

Stagshead Lakehouse: Lakeview from the Upper Deck

The loft featuring cathedral ceilings and Corinthian leather sofa and love seat. The loft featuring cathedral ceilings and Corinthian leather sofa and love seat.

One of the 70" TVs at Stagshead is also in the loft with HDMI cable awaiting your gaming system.One of the 70" TVs at Stagshead is also in the loft with HDMI cable awaiting your gaming system.

In addition to the Master Suite shown above, Stagshead Lakehouse offers generous accommodations for up to 14 guests without having to force anyone on to an uncomfortable sofa bed or cot. A total of 10 beds can be found in the themed bedrooms.

The "Vintage" Room features vintage postcards and travel posters from the Pocono region and has two twin beds.

Stagshead Lakehouse: Vintage Room

The "Modern" room features mid-century modern furniture and is hung with artworks inspired by the painter Helen Frankenthaler. The Modern room has a queen size bed.

Stagshead Lakehouse: Modern Room

 The "Mine" Room is inspired by Pennsylvania's rich coal mining history. It features a queen size bed with plush comforter and two Fitter Joiner nightstands.

Stagshead Lakehouse: Mine Room

 The "Bunk" room is a spacious cathedral ceilinged room with two full, two twin, and a queen sized bed. 

Stagshead Lakehouse: Bunk Room

Stagshead Lakehouse also features numerous pieces of Fitter Joiner furniture. Unique handcrafted rugged luxury furniture that redefines the "black pipe" style with artful craftsmanship.

Fitter Joiner "Farmhouse Table" weds 1-3/4" thick oiled butcher block top over 4" & 3" malleable steel legs enameled in white.

Fitter Joiner: Farmhouse Table

Fitter Joiner "Campaign End Tables" recall the appearance of antique campaign furniture in raw 1" malleable steel legs topped with oiled Teak tops.

Fitter Joiner: Campaign End Table

Fitter Joiner "Campaign Coffee Table" also features 1" raw malleable steel supporting 1-1/2" oiled birch butcher block top.

Fitter Joiner: Campaign Coffee Table